Find out the cost of External Stairs you wish to Build for 2020!

1 ( straight flight)

3 - (L bend, Please call through for additional Landing Price)

5 (Existing stair addition)

7 (Ashgrovian Balustrade)


Approximate Project Cost


  • Demolition of Old Staircase
  • Structural check and rectification of Existing Landing or Deck
  • Pre-Primed Components, Ready to paint
  • Construction of Balustrading 1 or 2 sides
  • Joins Preprimed and Galvanised Fixings
  • Wire Stairs are Finished Products
  • Removal of Demolished Staircase from the property


We will contact you within one business day.

We have built many Exterior Stairs in Brisbane and we are confident you will find what you are looking for.

2 (Straight flight)

4 (Straight Flight)

6 (Dowel Balustrade)

8 ( double Handrail)

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