How much does a Bathroom Renovation cost in Brisbane?

The median Bathroom Renovation in Brisbane can cost somewhere around $8000-$9000. We provide a affordable renovation that does not go into too much structural remodeling and thus keeping the costs down. Usually The typical Bathroom Renovations that we do consist of makeovers and rejuvenations whilst keeping the same plumbing and electrical layout.

We provide:

-Demolition of wall linings and old tiles.

-Small plumbing modifications

-Re Sheeting

-New Tiles, walls and floor

-New vanitys or bathtubs.

What we offer!

We offer high quality Small to Medium bathroom renovations in Brisbane. Whatever your needs may be, we can get the job done. We provide residential renovations, delivering luxury bathrooms, and Modern bathrooms.

Many homeowners in areas of Brisbane, the Western suburbs included, would have had some bathroom renovations done to match the overall look and feel of the home. We are bursting with fresh ideas on how to deliver unique bathroom renovations in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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We will contact you within one business day.

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